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 Executive Style and Services At Discounted Rates
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A Room or Rooms That Meet Your Needs
Whether You're Visiting, Interning, Transitioning, Working, Studying ...
Starting at $35 per day
Welcome to  Dows Lake Ottawa ROOM RENTALS
So glad you have visited us online ... we take pride in offering executive style and services to all who rent a room from us for a month, 3 months, a weekend, a day, a week or for different periods.  We offer premium services, location, access and entertainment at discounted rates.  

Very few rooms in each home means more comfort, less stress, more privacy, and a generally better experience with lots of amenities surrounding you: professional services including legal, business & administrative; spa, tennis, athletic & general fitness; hearty breakfast preparation customized to your tastes & diet with additional meals added upon request; rejuvenation & health counselling ... 

... and walking distance to everything including a very short walk to Dows Lake, Little Italy, Landsdowne Park, the Glebe Boutiques, Carleton U, eateries of all kinds, entertainment, tennis courts, parks including Commissioner's Park, China Town, ... squarely in Ottawa's most exciting & beautiful cosmopolitan area.  
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